Sherdah Plot

It means a plot that is wider in front than at the back - like a lion's face.

Administration Department

The Administrative Block Should Either Be In The South Or In The South-West.


The North-West Corner Should Be Used For Car-Parking.

Factory Plot

For Factory We Should Select 'Sherdah' Plot. This Type Of Plot Has Been Considered Very Beneficial. The Shape Of The Land, Roads, Uninterrupted Availability Of Water And Electric Power Etc. Should Be Kept In Mind.

Gate (Main)

The Main Gate Of Factory Should Be Kept In The East, North Or North-East Of The Plot. All Other Doors Can Be Kept In North-East, East, North Or North-West.

Goods & Production

Finished Goods Should Be Stored In Northwest To Maximise Sales.


It Should Be In North-West Of The Northern Gate And To The South-East Of Eastern Gate.

Heavy / Raw Materials

South, West Or South-West Corner Is Best For These Materials.

Open Space

There Must Be Open Space In The North-East.

Heavy Machinery

It Should Be Kept Along West, South & South-West.

Other Machinery

Transformers, Boilers, Oil Engines, Generators Etc. Should Be Kept In South-East Corner.


The Land Of The Factory Should Be Elevated In South-West. The North-East Portion Of The Factory Should Be Lower Than The South-West Portion.


The South-East And North-West Corner Should Be Selected For The Staff.


The Store Of The Factory Should Be In The South-West.


For Lavatory And Toilet The North-West Or South-East Corner Are Most Suitable.

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