1. Window in the West in the bedroom may cause health issues, specially cancer, keep the windows closed and curtained.
  2. Toilet in the East in the bedroom leads to health issues, keep it closed.
  3. Relationship problems amongst husband and wife may arise if East is blocked of the bedroom or the house. Use a sun painting in the east.
  4. Keep all cash and valuables wrapped in red cloth in the South direction to increase prosperity and savings.
  5. Children should sit facing east while studying to increase concentration levels.
  6. Puja room should be kept clean and tidy and with NO gods photos or idols one behind the other.
  7. Photos and idols of gods or our ancestors should never be placed on the back wall of the bed or the office.
  8. Put your head in the South or the West while sleeping.
  9. Flowing water bodies should be in the North or North-east. if stagnant water is kept, it should be changed daily.
  10. TVs in all the places should either be in the north or the east directions.
  11. Do not keep any room cluttered or untidy, it makes a person lazy and lethargic.
  12. Try to sell or give away anything which is not in use anymore or old instead of storing it, to reduce the burden on your head.
  13. Girls who want to get married soon, should live in a room in the northwest side of the house, or should sleep in the northwest direction of their particular room.
  14. Kitchen should be in the south east or the stove should be in the east direction.
  15. Maximum doors and windows should be in North, East or North-east and minimum in South, West or South-west.
  16. Mirrors should be placed only on North, East or North-East directions.
  17. You should not keep cactus plants in the house as it increases negative energy.
  18. Don't place pictures depicting cruelty or depression in the house.
  19. Keep fresh flowers in the house to improve positive atmosphere.
  20. Keeping Money plant in the houses increases money inflow.
  21. Big trees should always be planted in the South and the West.
  22. Underground tanks or Borings should be in the North-East.
  23. Overhead Tanks should be in the South.
  24. South should be higher than North to increase money inflow.
  25. Put your head in the South or West while sleeping.
  26. Keep your East open in the house as much as possible for positive energy to come in and for better health.
  27. Give water to the rising sun for a healthier and a fruitful day.
  28. Kitchen Should ideally be in the South East direction of the house.
  29. In a factory Finished goods should be kept in the North-west side for quicker sales.
  30. In an Office the owner's cabin should be in the South-West.
  31. In the Office Staff should be sitting facing North or East.
  32. Toilets in the house should be in the North-West.
  33. In a Kitchen the cooking gas should be in the east and one should cook facing the east for a healthier and tastier food.
  34. The overall fragrance in the house should be good.
  35. One can keep fish aquarium in the North-east for keep oneself calm and composed.
  36. The colors of the Walls in the North and East should be lighter and brighter.
  37. In the Kitchen microwaves and fridges should be places in the South-East direction.
  38. Water flow in the whole house should be towards North-East.
  39. Toilet doors should be kept closed 24/7. Put a door closer at the back of the door.
  40. One can show Agarbatti or Dhoopbatti in the house daily for positive atmosphere.
  41. If North is blocked in your Office room, place a Vastu Shankha Yantra to enhance positive energy.
  42. For Good relationships amongst family members have East open in the house, if blocked use a Vastu Shankha Yantra.
  43. Factory plot should have Four equal corners for better production and sales.
  44. If South-east in a factory is cut, it may lead to fire hazards.
  45. If North-west in a bed room is cut, a couple may have delays in having a child.
  46. Generators and transformers in a factory, office or home should be in South-east.
  47. In a factory raw materials should be stored in south.
  48. Have more open space in the North and East as compared to South and West.
  49. Puja room should be ideally in North-east.
  50. In the bed room have cupboards in South.
  51. The Dressing table mirror should be in North or East wall.
  52. Children's bedroom should have study books kept in East.
  53. In an Office the Marketing Staff should sit in North-west.
  54. Hospitals should have more windows in the east than in west for getting their patients healthier.
  55. Store rooms in the house should be in south or southwest.
  56. In a school or a coaching institute students should be made to sit facing East while being taught for better results.
  57. Washing machines and inverters should be in South-east.
  58. Water Sinks in the kitchen should be in north or north-east.
  59. Septic Tanks in Factories should be in North-West.
  60. Main Gate of a factory should be in North, North-east or East.
  61. Labour Quarters in a factory premises should be in West.
  62. Finished goods in a factory should be despatched from North-west.
  63. Any plot for factory office or house should either be a square or a rectangle or else use Vastu Shankha Yantra to make it a rectangle.
  64. South or South-west should be the highest point in a factory , office or house.
  65. Keep south and west curtains closed as much as possible.
  66. Computers, laptops and i-pads should be used facing North or East for quicker results.
  67. Finance Department in an office should be in South-east.
  68. Cash Counter in a shop, office, factory, showrooms should be in South or Southwest.
  69. Sales Department in office and factories should be in North-west.
  70. Every room should have only 4 corners.
  71. Cashier in any shops, offices, etc should sit facing North.

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