Vastu and Animals

Vastu and Animals

Have u ever thought how cute a dog looks or why is feeding fishes so relaxing? Why do we keep pets or domestic animals as pets? For getting work out of them or also for getting some pleasure or happiness from having them?

We will discuss the various animals and their importance in Vastu:

1) Vastu and Dogs - A dog is termed as a man’s best friend, but why is that so have we ever wondered? It is Because they are the most loyal animals. According to Vastu, By keeping a dog in our house we learn being Loyal towards our friends, our family, our relatives and to our society as whole. a dog’s cage should ideally be in the North or east of the house to increase faithfulness amongst all the family members of the house.

A guard dog like bull dog, German shepherd, Great Dane increases sense of security and gives strength and confidence to the head of the family. A picture or statue of the same can be placed in the South direction of our house.

A furry dog like poodle, shitzu, Maltese etc increases the feeling of love and compassion amongst the family members. We can also place pictures of such dogs in the East direction of our house.

2) Vastu and Elephants - An Elephant is a symbol of strength, of weight, of stability in business and also of growth in a relationship.

If we want to make Our South or Southwest direction heavy, we can place a picture or a sculpture of an Elephant in that direction.

Also a pair of elephants depicts love and gives strength to the relationship of a married couple. It should be placed in South direction of the couple’s bedroom to increase love, romance and harmony in the married life.

3) Vastu and Fishes - When we look at fishes in an aquarium we feel very calm, composed and focussed. We loose our anger and become cooler looking at the movement of fishes. We feel satisfied and content when we feed the fishes.

Fishes have the power to absorb negative energy and to produce positive energy making us more relaxed. It is very important to place an aquarium of fishes in the north or the north-east direction of our main living room, hall or entrance of the house. We need to make sure the aquarium is cleaned regularly, has flowing water and is airy to keep the fishes healthy. Any kind of algae or dirt leads to negative energy, which should be cleaned on a regular basis.

4) Vastu and Gold fishes- Placing a total of 9 fishes is ideal in an aquarium. But we must keep gold fishes only in pairs, so a total of 8 gold fishes and one black fish according to vastu enhances a lot of positive energy and remove all kinds of negative and evil thoughts from our minds.

5) Vastu and Dolphins - Dolphins are symbols of love and compassion. When we look at them we also see a lot of maternal love. A pair of dolphins can be kept in the east direction of a bedroom to increase the love amongst married couples. Also, a dolphin with a baby dolphin can be placed in the room for expectant mothers to have a healthy baby.

6) Vastu and Birds - We all love the sound of chirping birds. Have we ever wondered is it good to cage the birds or free them? A lot of people love to keep parrots and small birds caged in their houses. It does looks good as we feed them and listen to their chirps and can even talk to the parrots. But Caging a bird clips their wings and brings a lot of negative energy inside our house or work place. It signifies stagnancy and does helps our business or relationships to flourish. It puts a full stop to their growth.

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