Vastu and Toilets / bathrooms

Vastu and Toilets / bathrooms

A lot of people always ask which direction should a washroom ideally be in ?
It always makes our mind curious as to why is the direction of toilet or washroom so important?
Why can’t we just build a washroom anywhere and just use it normally?
Washrooms play one of the most important part in our houses and What do we do in toilets?

We dispose of our body’s garbage in the toilets , weather we are taking a bath or we are brushing our teeth or even washing our hands or using the pot, we are removing the unwanted things or particles from our body.

The toilet itself is a negative zone as all our body’s negative particles or negative energy is drained out in them. So if we keep our toilet doors closed and the fresh air fans open the negative energy would be removed from them and positive energy can be enhanced.

It is very important that the Toilet or washrooms are in the North-west zone of our houses, bedrooms, living rooms, halls, offices, factories, etc.

The flowing water in the toilets converts the negative energy into positive energy, so when we are taking a shower or a bath or washing our hands the running water removes all the negativity and enhances positivity amongst our body , soul and minds. It is always said if we are feeling hot tempered or our mood is not good, we should have a cold water bath first to relax our minds and then think about the situation again.

Similarly the placement of things inside a outlet play a crucial role in draining out the negative energy and to maximise the positive energy. Ideally the wash basin should be in the north east direction and Shower area should be in the North.

The toilet seat should be in northwest direction as that is the direction for air and a person should sit facing East.

The Best Option is to keep the Toilet door closed and Keep a door closer at the back of the door.

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