Guru Murghanand Swami

The Great Himalayan Yogi, Swami Murghanandji, Got his enlightenment in the Himalayas after doing a lot of worship and tapasya and meditation for years.

He lived though out his life on the bank of Holy River Ganges and loved people of all caste, creed, color and religions. He never believed in discriminating on the basis of religions or caste and believed in serving in the benefit of the mankind as a whole. He focussed on serving the needy, not the greedy. He has a huge following of disciples from all over the world.

He gave the famous Vastu Shankha Yantra to Shri Vimal Jhajharia for the benefitting the whole mankind and using it as a tool for Vastu corrections without any demolition. He also gave a lot of other secrets to Vimalji for enhancing the living conditions of the human kind.

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