Vastu and Colors

Vastu and Colors

We keep seeing different colors in our daily lives. Have we ever wondered what if the sky was green and the grass was blue? What if the colour of a mouse was red and that of a lion was black? All of this would have lead to ecosystem imbalancing.

Similarly it is important to understand how the colors we paint in our houses also lead to eco system imbalancement.

1. Can we live in a bed room which is painted fully Red in colour ? The answer is no .. as it hurts our eyes, it will not be soothing enough and will increase our anxiety level and hence increase our tempers and lead to frustration and anger.

Similarly can we live in a bedroom painted fully black? The answer is again no. black colour rooms look like a jail room or a dungeon’s room like a tahkhaana or a kaal kothri. Black colour absorbs light and thus increases the heat in the room which leads us to being lazy dull and extremely lethargic. We know that we should avoid wearing black clothes during a warm sunny day time as it will make us sweat more, similarly we should avoid living a room painted completely black to avoid raising our mental frustration and to keep us more active and happy.

Now we will focus on what colours we should have in our houses:

1. North east Bed rooms - If our bed room is in the North east direction, we should focus on light colors like white, off white, cream, very light blue, to enhance the reflection of light and to help positive energy come inside the house through that room and flow into the rest of the house as we know the positive energy enters for north east of a place.

2. South west bed room - This is the master’s bedroom in the south west direction so it should have strong colours to give more strength to the master of the house and to retain maximum energy in the house. By strong colours we mean the South wall and the West wall can have darker colors as compared to the north and east wall of that bedroom. Try to have the north and east wall light colours of green, blue, cream , brown, white, off white, and the south or the west wall a bit darker shade of the same. We can also use wall papers to make the back of our head board ie south or west wall darker.

3. South east bedroom - This is the area for fire and heat, but if we have our bedrooms in this direction which most people have, we need to worry, as it increases our temperament. The Sun gives maximum energy in this room as maximum heat is generated when the Sun is in the South direction at 12 pm . Then the wall in the south becomes most heated and since our head is in the south we receive the maximum heat. This rooms leads to anger, heated arguments, fights, frustration and even divorces amongst married couples if the colors and energies are not balanced. The best is to paint this room in the colors of water to reduce heat level and increase the cooling level. Even air conditioners fans and coolers work better in this room when the colors are balanced with watery shades like light blue, sky blue, aqua green etc. It keeps our mind and body relaxed and our head more focussed.

4. North west bedroom - This is ideally the room for guests and unmarried females. This is the area for air and the wind to flow in the house so it is should be painted in air colors, like light grey, light yellow, light brown, etc.

5. Kitchen - This is the most important area in the house as it gives us the food we eat. Our health is determined with the kitchen and the energies we are taking in from this direction. Ideally the kitchen should be in fire zone in south east with the gas in the east and south east zone to enhance the heat energy in our food. The colors in the kitchen should be fiery colors like yellow, orange, brown to increase the energies in the food we eat and thus to make our health better and keep us more active and energised. Because as we know if health is good then only our wealth and relationships can be maintained.

Vikas Jhajharia

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