Vastu and Paintings

Vastu and Paintings

Tips for Vastu and Paintings for office

1. Have beautiful and bright paintings which depict love, happiness relaxation serenity in the office walls.

2. Avoid paintings depicting cruelty, dead bodies, darkness.

3. Have motivating quotes in the office

4. Have paintings depicting flowing water bodies in North or Northeast if it is blocked

5. Have paintings depicting Hills, Mountains, weight in south and Southwest to make it heavier.

6. Happy Family portraits and photos can be kept on the office or study table in from of our eyes or on the east wall.

7. Photos of our deceased ancestors can be placed visible to us on west wall or south wall. Avoid putting them behind your back

8. God pictures and statues should ideally be placed in Northeast or east direction.

9. Avoid putting any God pictures behind our backs as they are not visible to us.

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