Vastukalp expert visited us in the year 2013. We were in the planning to start a retail outlet in Unnao city (u.p.) of "Royal Enfield” .The expert was recommended to us by one of our associates in Lucknow. When he visited our place, he suggested few corrections & installed the Shanka yantra in the premises as it was missing some corner. We were able to open a new outlet and since the day of opening the store we have achieved all our goals and targets set out by the company and the atmosphere of work is also very encouraging, hence we feel that it is all because of the Vaastu corrections and Enhancement and balancing of energy done by him.


It is a matter of pleasure to appreciate our respect to Vastukalp Consultant for his services rendered to us in Lucknow in the year 2007. After the corrections done by him by installing the Shanka Yantra and Color therapy given in the rooms we felt a great change and sigh of relief from the unavoidable circumstances and delays of payments we had for the jobs done on contract basis. He was recommended by one of our clients itself with whom we were working for last two years and he had a firm belief in the work done by us. Indeed, we can say today that the way the corrections and installation of Vastu-Yantra's were done by Vastukalp expert we significantly noted the changes and since then we are in continuous touch with-him and has been recommended by us to many of our clients as well.


Dear Vastukalp Expert , We have been asked to provide a testimony on the Vastu corrections done by you at our place. Sir, you were referred by one of our associates in Haridwar itself who was under your consultation for last many years.Although things Were going on but not to the expected level and hence we were not satisfied with our performance and this made us call you and in the year 2008 when you first came to our unit and after spending almost a day in understanding the work and atmosphere all 3 floors. Vastukalp expert Suggested few yantras to be installed and stated the reason for doing so.The way you were referred by our OEM we underwent the same. And now alter almost 11 years we can very clearly say that yes, we have seen the difference and has performed in a much better way and style. We have grown from one unit to three now and all that under your guidance.


We are into export and import business for past many years. In the year 2008 we met Vastu expert from Vastukalp through a reference and came to know about Vastu without demolition and by balancing and enhancing the energies inside the premise. After consulting the office and residence with him he suggested few shankha installations in and around the residence for the balancing of energy and enhanced the power of our office by installing the shankha in the cabins. Few alterations of furniture's placement and color therapy was also suggested which were done as per need. Since then we have felt a lot of difference in the working atmosphere as well as harmony and happiness in the family. We are very happy and satisfied by the work done by him and we are under consultation for further works as well.


We started noticing results shortly after Vastukalp expert performed vastu corrections at our restaurant, so much that we were able to expand our restaurant within months, something that we had been dreaming of doing for a long time. The yantras that were originally placed in the restaurant are still there and continue to bear fruit. My family and I will forever remain indebted to Vastukalp.


I found Vastukalp’s expert’s advice highly practical and easy to implement. In my view they bring a unique perspective to clients, as they combine a modern outlook and knowledge of the professional world with the experience of vaastu to provide solutions, which work in the current day work and home environments. This was especially important for a professional like me as it would not be easy or practical for me to implement solutions that were too "traditional".

Arun Shah-Kolkata

I had the privilege of taking advise of mr Vikash Jhajharia of vastukalp and placing the shanks given by him at our home and office. We are convinced that his advise on vastu and placement of shanks brings positive results. I recommended him to one of my close friend and also got positive feedback from her as well . Wishing all the best to him and may his services help others as well.

MR MAHESH KEJRIWAL-Kolkatta Based Well Known Businessman And Entrepreneur

I had been following vastu from a long time but didn’t get much satisfaction. Thereafter I got in touch with Vikasji through a friend's recommendation and got the yantras installed in my house, offices and mining sites. The yantras started working from day one at my coal mining sites and I then got them installed in the heavy machines in my magnesium Mining Sites in Orissa where the productivity of the machines increased remarkably and the fuel consumption and labour efficiency increased manyfolds. I have recommended Vikasji to my sister in Ahmedabaad also and she and her husband have been thanking me eversince

MR HEMANT ZAVERI-Owner Of TBZ (Tribhuwandas Bhimji Zaveri) Jewellers

I was having sales problem in my jewellery shop and business was in a very bad shape. I am happy that I consulted Vikasji on the above issue. He did the place correction and put the shankha yantras in the right places which not only took the negative vibes from my work place but I also noticed a marked increase in overall business.


I was not doing well in my office and was lacking confidence. After Vikas Ji suggested me to wear Golden pendant, I saw a change in me. My confidence level boosted up, sales increased and I’m now very happy with my job.

MR NAIDU-Chennai

My son in law and daughter in law were facing marital issues in their relationship. On advice from Vikas Ji, I took pendant for both of them . Their relationship improved and now they are happily married for last 10 years.


It is a matter of great pleasure to write you about the advantages and comfort level achieved after the Vastu corrections done by you in our factory. Although we are well connected for last 18-19 years in this field now. The way your working has improved our performance on year to year basis I can just say one word -"fabulous" It would be in the year 2004 when you had installed the shankha in our unit and I had questioned whether the same works or not But now after having installed and the way the working has improved, I can say 'yes energy is there and it works too".


My son was not able to concentrate in studies in school and I was quite worried. After consulting with Jhajharia Ji, he advised him to wear silver pendant.Ever since he started wearing his contraction has improved drastically and is doing well in studies

RAHUL GOEL-Bangalore

I was working in an MNC and was looking forward for better opportunity to go abroad to work . On advice of Jhajharia uncle , I bought the pendant and kept it in my wallet. Ever since my life changed, opportunities came knocking within a week. Now I’m happily settled in US.


In 2016 Vimal ji came to us and saw our site and suggested few yantra to be placed in our plant. I was little scared but at the same time his background had some phenomenal recommendations which could not be ruled out Me and my brother Vaibhav agreed to go for it. You would not believe in less than 3 months, we started experiencing phenomenal results, be it smoothing of production, to sales, to financial liquidity in hand.

MRS. YALAN-Owner Of Salon Chain In Ahmedabad

There were soo many things which we did not know about the vastu defects in our home and property which when Vikas explained to us made sense as we did not need to demolish any existing contruction . After placements of the vastu Yantras not only did we see a difference in our business but also in our relationship be it amongst family members but also at work between our customers / staff . Over all a harmonious almalgamation of understanding and commerce which we all strive for . Thank you Vikas and Vimalji.Thank you Vastukalp .

MRS. SHOBHA AGARWAL JI-Lady Enterpreneur, Food Industry, Kolkata

Vikas is a friend, an advisor and a reliable guide. He s a patient listener. He looks into things in totality and gives doable solutions. He is like an ongoing support in our lives . Vastu consultation with him is like a process of building trust and gaining confidence at every major step of our life. His knowledge of Vastu along with his natural wisdom has been of great hep to us. I highly recommend him to anyone needing support with Vastu!

SHALINI JI-Business Woman, Kolkata

I had approached Vikasji to rectify vastu of my new flat which according to some wasn't correct. It was and is easy to communicate with him unlike other professionals , he would respond to what's app messages n take phone calls which again is very unusual in today's time His suggestions and yantras helped me to change energy of my space completely n all the anxieties were taken care of... It is rare to find such a qualified person like him with so much modesty. I with my family shall always be grateful to him

MR RAGHAV AGARWAL-Renowned Businessman

We were facing a lot of problems in our various factories related to labour and production. I came to know about Vimalji and Vikasji through one of my friends. When I showed them one of the factories, we came to know all our south windows were open and we had more open space in south than in north. Vimalji used their shank yantras in different locations to rectify this defect without any demolition or changes and then miraculously the problems started diminishing one by one. It was hard to believe at first and we tried the same yantras in our house and the understanding levels amongst all the family members increased tremendously thus resulting in peace and harmony in the house.

MR HITESH JAIN -Delhi Based Prominent Builder And Industrialist

Earlier I was not aware of vastu and many of my projects were on a hold. I also had to face many financial and personal problems in my life during this period. But, when I consulted Vimalji and Vikasji, they advised me to use these Yantras and it really helped me a lot. Now since past 6 years I have been using these yantras in all my building projects andmiraculously all my projects were completed on time. All my apartments are now selling like hot cakes in the market. I have started consulting them for my home and offices too and I now believe that this yantra actually energises the atmosphere and the people who are living in the building. Jhajhariaji has even used vastu yantras to rectify the vastu defects in many factories of my clients, who have now started trusting Vimalji’s yantras unconditionally.

MR ZUBIN SONGADWALA -General Manager, ITC Sonaar Bangla, Kolkatta

The basic purpose of Vastu shankh yantra is to make you in sync with the forces of nature. And applying the principles of Vastu that are recommended is not in anyway inconvenient or makes you change your lifestyle. There are certain recommendations that are made which are very basic like about directions or facing which direction which according to my knowledge is to derive natural energies and forces to benefit you. I believe one gets the felling of WELL BEING and satisfaction at the same time after using the yantras in their premises. The feeling of well being increases your potential or say unleashes it to derive maximum benefit from it.

MR S.K. KANNOI-Exporter And Notable Industrialist

I had a factory which wasn’t doing well. I was facing financial losses and was in a lot of tension. The land on which the factory was built had major Vastu defects. After Jhajharia’s consent my business has started doing exceptionally well. Now, I don’t start any new venture without Jhajhariaji’s consent and guidance. All the other new factories and offices I have started, were done in consultation with him”, he says.

ARUN KHEMKA-Famous Industrialist

One of my offices’ entrance was facing South-West. According to Vastu we lose magnetic and solar energy through South-West area. And I could not close that area because it faced the main road. But when Vimalji installed two heavy duty Yantras facing each other there, in such a manner that the outflow of solar and magnetic energy was stopped, I began to see positive results. It helped me in achieving both popularity and sales. It really changed the face of my business.

MR PADAM MITTAL-Successful Businessman

I had a piece of property which I was trying to sell from a long time but because the property had a lot of vastu defects the deal was not getting through. But when I got the yantra placed in the land of the property, it got sold like a piece of hot cake.Now I consult Jhajhariaji before buying or selling any property. He even advises us on all our existing office, home and factory premises as the best part about him is he doesn’t suggests any kind of demolition or changes to the existing premises

MR. SHALIN BHOJWANI-A Prominent Dubai Based Industrialist

I was facing some problems in my factory and even my health was also affected by the same. My factory was running on losses and I never used to believe in vastu. I heard about Vimalji from a prestigious newspaper in Dubai and contacted him. I specifically told him I don’t want anything should be demolished in my factory. Vimalji after seeing my situation advised me to use the shankh yantras at various places. After he finished installing the shank yantras we got some unpredictable results from the factory. Overnight we got some major orders and eventually all our losses were converted into profits. It started working from the day one and till now it is working magically.

ENTREPRENEUR MR SURENDRA GUPTA-Owner Of Flour Mills And Audio-Video Solutions, Pune

As directed by Vimalji, I used vastu shank yantras in various places in all my factories and offices around the country including Bangalore, Pune and Mumbai and results came in so fast that I could not believe. I got huge contracts of work from one of the biggest business houses in India within a few weeks. I believe in vastu and these results made my belief even more firm. And I hope it will keep on doing good for me in future.


I wanted to sell off this particular property but for one reason or another deal was not getting finalized, Vimalji convinced me about the influence of Vastu Shankh yantra which i used in various places according to his constructive suggestions. After incorporating these changes the long awaited miracle happened. The property deal took place within a few days.

MR MANOJ AGARWAL-Kolkatta And Dhanbaad Based Leading Industrialist

I had been following vastu for many years and tried each and every way of vastu corrections at my office and house but none of the ways really proved any beneficial to me. After reading about Vimalji’s yantra in Economic Times a year back, I got in touch with Vikasji and I thought for the last time I am going to try out another technique of vastu corrections. I started with showing one flat and one office of mine in Kolkatta and miraculously I saw good results overnight. I then invited Vikasji to my bungalow and coal mines in Dhanbaad and since then there has been a marked improvement in both health and business aspects. I have started using the shank yantras in all my projects in India and abroad.

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