In ancient times the human habitats were generally constructed according to the rules of Vastu Shastra and people lived happily. In those days the members of a joint family used to be content, prosperous and happy. But, today, despite the families being small, peace and happiness remains a far cry. As times advanced, we started ignoring our old culture and tradition. The rules of Vastu Shastra too were ignored. No wonder the people experienced all kinds of troubles. You will be surprised to note that even today the residents of South India follow the rules of the Vastu shastra and are more peaceful and materialistically and economically more prosperous than North India.

BRAHMASTHAN No central pillar or beam


Angles of the Plot SW exact 90 degree / NE less than 90 degree / NW and SE / May vary accordingly
Cow Shed NW
Floor Level NE Low
Garage NW
Land Level NE Low
Main Gate N or E
Office SW or S
Servant Quarter NW
Shape of the Plot Square or rectangle
Stores Sw or S
Study Room NE
Septic Tank NW
Urinals & Toilet NW


Rain Water Slope NE
Over Head Tank S or SW
Under Ground Tank NE
Tubewell N or NE or E


Geyser SE or NW
Generator SE or NW
Heaters SE or NW
Junction Box SE or NW
Kitchen (Fire Place) SE or NW
Press SE or NW
Transformer SE or NW


Balcony N or E
Door N or E
Portico N or E or NE
Verandah N or E
Windows N or E


Factory Shed Slope N or NE
Height More SW
Mezanine Floor SW
Master Bed Room SW
Open Space More NE
Stair Case SW or S

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